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The Hiring Group, Thursday, January 25, 2018
Brooks Israel

We’re Launching a New Website – What’s the Big Deal?

Today, The Hiring Group announced the launch of our brand new, redesigned website. So what all is involved with launching a new site? Well, as one of the co-founders and managing partners of The Hiring Group, I must admit there’s a great deal of excitement around here. We have eagerly anticipated the “go live” for weeks now, and it’s finally time to celebrate and unveil this new site to the masses! No doubt we’re celebrating this milestone for our company – getting to release our “second generation” website.

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I’ve had several friends and colleagues ask, “What’s the big deal? You’re launching a new website for your company. What’s so special about this one?” The truth is, there’s significance in every pixel of our new site. The new design is the product of hours of planning, discussion, decisions, more planning, execution and testing… but most important, this website is the next chapter for The Hiring Group.
Since we founded the company in 2014, we’ve paid careful attention to who we wanted to be, who we wanted to become and who will be for years to come. The new website definitively puts a “face” on the company The Hiring Group has become and where we’re headed. So much of the planning behind the redesign is intended to provide a foundation for us to continue to build the business into our dream company… a company that is recognized for being one of the best technology and engineering staffing companies in North America.

Here are a few more reasons to celebrate:

As I reflect and wrap up this article, I am beaming with pride. There is goodness in every pixel of our new website… and it’s now providing us a stage to do great things for our contractors and clients. Whether you’re in Greenville, Atlanta or anywhere where we have clients and contractors in North America, this website gives you reason to celebrate as well. I invite you to take off your coat, browse the pages, view some videos, read some articles, look for jobs, ask about our hiring capabilities… and more. As we continue to learn, there will be more to share… and as we grow we hope you will repeatedly come back to visit and tell your friends and colleagues about The Hiring Group and how Great Contractors Deserve Great Benefits!

  1. It’s a perfect fit – now and we’ve got “room to grow”…

    When we began planning for the new site, we looked at our first website to see what was working and what wasn’t. Our first site was awesome… until we began to sketch our vision of where we saw the company in five years, ten years and beyond. We wanted the ability to provide our visitors with a world-class experience – from researching job opportunities (if you’re a candidate) to inquiring about recruiting and staffing capabilities (if you’re a hiring manager). The new website is sharp, sleek and easy to navigate. It provides easy access to our job board and provides sufficient communication paths for hiring managers. Best of all, as The Hiring Group continues to grow, our website provides a foundation to support the scalability we need to meet our needs for supporting new clients and contractors.

  2. It showcases why we’re different than most traditional staffing companies.

    One of our key differentiators (and why our clients love us) is how we treat our contractors. When we started The Hiring Group, we knew we wanted to bring a new level of care to the people who worked contract roles for us, but over the last three years, that differentiation has become a powerful story for both clients and contractors. Our contractor benefits are the best in the industry. The Hiring Group offers “gold plan” medical benefits, 401k (with company match) and paid time off (PTO).

  3. It’s collaborative and engaging…

    Over the last year, we’ve made huge strides in how we are building a sense of community through our social channels and the content we are sharing. Our contractors and clients repeatedly tell us that they want to hear more about what’s going on in the technology and engineering worlds, how company hiring practices are evolving and what the best practices are in preparing for interviews. Through our news, blog and resource pages on the new website, we can proactively share thought leadership articles, industry reports and video content. We’re creating a broader sense of community, sharing knowledge and building a more connected ecosphere of IT and Engineering professionals. That’s definitely cause to celebrate!