About Us

What’s the big idea here? The benefit of benefits — and how they help contractors and employers

It’s simple, really. We built our business on the belief that there’s a better way to recruit, hire, and retain IT and Engineering contractors. To keep the very best, you must treat them very well. Exceptional benefits are the incentives that keep contractors engaged and motivated.

Our Values

Our values are both our identity and our promise.

We live and work by a golden rule: Do the right thing and treat clients, contractors, and everyone you meet with dignity and kindness.

Pay it Forward

We believe that goodness is contagious. We encourage a “pay it forward” mentality, not only at work but also with our families and communities.


Our employees commit to upholding the highest standards with the utmost reliability to our clients and to each other.


Each employee of The Hiring Group
has pride of ownership and is held accountable to our clients and colleagues.


Every member of our team shares a passion for our mission; it shows in their service to our clients, colleagues, and our company.

Every Client, Every Time

We are dedicated to assuring our clients receive consistently superior service through the lifecycle of the relationship.

Uplift and Motivate

The Hiring Group strives to maintain a constructive, positive work environment.


Our Story

More than 30 years of experience has taught us a thing or two.

The Hiring Group is a technical staffing firm, located in Greenville, SC, with clients located throughout the U.S. Our expertise spans nearly every business sector. Pure and simple, we help companies hire and retain top IT and Engineering talent by focusing on the well-being of the contractor. The result? We’ve shattered the technical mold with a 94% contractor retention rate. We won’t rest until we make it 100%.

From humble beginnings in Atlanta with $200 worth of used office furniture, The Hiring Group is now a multi-million-dollar business competing with billion-dollar staffing companies. But the company that matters most is yours.


Meet the Masterminds

The Hiring Group is the product of two smart guys with a vision, and the determination to make it work for their clients, their contractors, and their staff. These are their stories.

Chris Yarrow

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

My career in the staffing industry began in 2000 when I joined the largest IT staffing firm in the nation after a career in retail. Thirteen very successful years in the industry took me to Greensboro, NC, Silicon Valley, CA, Raleigh, NC, Virginia Beach, VA, and Greenville, SC.

After joining forces with my business partner, Brooks, we opened The Hiring Group in Atlanta in 2014. Our vision was vastly different than the ultra-aggressive sales tactics of the staffing industry. We knew that a technical staffing firm that puts the needs of contract employees first while providing superior client experience would succeed. And indeed, it has. In the years since, we’ve honed our initial model, providing the best benefits in the industry to our contractors, retention-focused staffing to our clients, and rewarding and successful careers for myself and my colleagues. Oh, and we did it all from the ground up without making a single cold call.

Brooks Israel

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Our path to success was far from a walk in the park. My business partner and I had a non-compete which prevented us to start our business near our Simpsonville, SC homes. Our hands were forced to pick a location where we could work within the constraints of our previous employment agreements. This meant working in the Atlanta area away from our families for over 18 months.

It was a tough call to make but we felt the rewards outweighed the initial hardships. So off we went to conquer Atlanta (and the world). The office furniture was purchased for $200 from my church back in Upstate South Carolina. We built everything from the ground up using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage our progress on all our projects. We were rookies but we were thorough with our research and follow-through. In our initial year, we put a very small revenue number on the books but it was at least a number. Today we are a multi-million-dollar business competing with billion-dollar staffing companies. We are not a rag to riches story yet, but all I can say is we have the secret sauce and message resonating with our customers and they are slowly getting how and why we are different than all other staffing companies.


Our Clients

You can judge our business by the company we keep. And how long we keep them.

We’re proud of our client list but respectful of their desire to remain discreet. Let’s just say you know their names. And quite frankly, we treat each client, no matter their size or stature, with the same respect and passion to build their success.

  • Leading global FORTUNE 500 companies
  • National, regional, and local businesses
  • Financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, retail, transportation, aviation, and technology


Their stories are our stories.

Sure, we could shout about ourselves all day long, but it really comes down to what our clients and contractors have to say about our work that matters. They have a few stories and thoughts to share.

Stephani E.

Putting your trust in a contracting company can be unsettling, but I gave THG a shot. I’m so glad I did! Not only do they provide me with insurance and a 401K plan, but they really make you feel like part of a family!

Maureen G.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. The owners care not only about our customers but they make sure our professional technical consultants are taken care of with excellent benefits and paid time off.

Derrick D.

THG really believes in taking care of the contractor and doing right by their people. They really do embody their mantra of paying it forward! I strongly recommend THG to all my IT and Engineering colleagues!

Alex G.

THG has always promptly responded to any requests I may have. They have allowed me to be very open about how I may feel about positions I have been placed in and my career path.

Anant C.

What I appreciate about The Hiring Group is that not only do they make sure that their employees are satisfied with their work, but they also go the extra mile by treating potential candidates well by providing honest feedback.

Beth P.

THG found me a position that both utilizes my experience and provides me an opportunity to expand my IT knowledge – all while working with an amazing group of people.


I appreciate a low key, calm approach. It helps foster a more relaxed demeanor which in turn makes it easy to concentrate. Lunch and coffee are nice extras. And oh, I forgot, the paycheck really helps.

Robert R.

I had a very positive experience with THG. They found my profile on LinkedIn and contacted me about an opportunity with a great company. Throughout the process they responded to messages promptly, had answers to my questions, and were very helpful. Everything went smoothly, and since I started, I have heard from others familiar with them that they are a great company who treats their contractors very well.

Rob A.

This is the only the second contract agency I’ve ever worked for. My first experience was so bad that I said I would never do it again. THG has done a great job of changing that opinion. They keep in touch with the contractors and are genuinely concerned with their wellbeing. I really appreciate the effort that Bryan Baker puts in to taking care of us. As my main contact, he’s always quick to get me an answer to my question and help out.

Mauro M.

Working with a company like The Hiring Group has been excellent. They have your back, giving you the respect you deserve, and treating you like a family. THG brings me peace of mind and lets me get to what is important: the work!

Marcelo M.

The professional development depends solely on the dedication of the person. That means worrying about continuous education, exposure to challenges and immersion on the industry. But none of it is achievable if one doesn’t have an accurate and reliable company to give the necessary support. That is what The Hiring Group is about. It’s about providing a reliable and trustworthy environment so we professionals can focus on what is more important: getting the work done.


I have enjoyed working with THG and I will tell you that THG is a great company to work with. It shows that they care about their employees. I have always told everyone how great it is to work with a company that really attempts to be there for you at any time. I will continue to tell those people that are looking for a position somewhere to talk to THG since so many people are looking for not just a job but a career opportunity.

Lets Do This

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