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July 27, 2018
Mike Dolch

Senior Recruiter - The Hiring Group

7 Candidate Qualities Recruiters Love

The search for the perfect candidate can be a long process. Recruiters are always looking for great candidates to fill their open positions but finding the perfect one for the job can be difficult! Recruiters are looking at hundreds of resumes, cover letters, and references each week and sifting through potential candidates takes a while. Here are seven easy ways to make it easier for recruiters to want to hire you!

1. Professional—you want to be professional from the time you answer your phone. There is nothing worse than someone who looks great and checks all of the boxes on paper only to have them sound like they just woke up or are completely uninterested in your call. You want to come across with as much professionalism as possible; speak clearly and act interested in what they have to say to you.

2. On time—when you arrive late or are late to an interview, we often wonder if this will be a trend that will ultimately lead to you losing your job. Having to rehire for a position for this reason is the last thing that a recruiter wants to do.

3. Personable—don’t be a bump on a log. We want something to remember you by. If we can’t remember you, the chances are the hiring manager won’t remember you either. A professional sense of humor goes a long way. But remember, like Thanksgiving dinners, stay away from politics and religion!

4. Proactive—when someone takes initiative, it shows you that they are truly invested and are willing to put in the effort. These are traits that every employer wants. Seemingly small things such as updating your resume, doing things to prepare for an interview, researching the company or even a new city (if that is in the cards) go a long way.

5. Responsive—you want to make sure that you are on top of things in terms of responding to your recruiters. There is nothing worse than someone not returning your calls or emails. We often begin to wander if you are even interested in the position.

6. Honesty—if you aren’t interested in a job, we would rather know that up front than being in a state of worry and wonder about what you are thinking.

7. In the end, it is pretty plain and simple—we want someone that we like and trust. We like working with people that we like!

Now that you know the top qualities that recruiters love, go out and score your dream job! Remember that we are on your team and are fighting for you every step of the journey! The Hiring Group helps companies across all industries find top IT and engineering talent. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, be sure to get in touch with us at