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June 22, 2018
Mike Dolch

Senior Recruiter - The Hiring Group

4 Tips to Help You Ace Your Video Interview

Video job interviews are quickly becoming a widespread practice in the business world today. As companies look for ways to drive down the cost to hire candidates, video interviews save time and money for both the company and their candidates.

If you’re applying for new job opportunities, it is highly likely your first step in the hiring process will be a video interview. Even if you’re a technology wiz with tons of experience communicating through video, it’s important for you to prepare as much as you would for an in-person interview. If you have limited experience with video interviews, you’ll want to take steps to practice so you don’t come across as anxious or uncomfortable.
Here are four tips to help you prepare for success as you take this next step towards getting that next great opportunity!

1. Dress the Part.
Often in video interviews, simple details like dress code are repeatedly overlooked. It is easy to fall into the trap that because it is a video interview, it is less informal than a face to face interview. You should dress professionally for the video interview just as you would for an in-person interview. Even though most people use video regularly, it is still helpful to be reminded that just because the interview is happening over video, it is still a professional and should be treated as such.

2. Room Setting and Location.
It is important to remember that your dress, the room you are in and lighting affect how your potential employer sees you. Be sure you are in a well-lit room with absolutely no other distractions in your viewable space. Sit in a place where you can clearly hear the interviewer and where they can hear you. Do not conduct a video interview in the middle of a coffee shop—there is too much activity going on around you and too many other people talking. It is easy to get distracted and for your interviewer to get distracted when there are so many other things happening around you. Create an environment so you’re able to give the interviewer your full attention without interruptions. Don’t forget to put your phone on vibrate and move it out of sight so you’re not tempted to look at during the interview.

3. Preparation.
Don’t just turn the camera on and go for it. It is imperative to prepare for the interview – make sure you test your microphone, camera, and Internet to confirm all are working before the time of the interview. Take the time to prepare for questions they may ask you just as you would for an in-person interview. Always be aware that while you’re communicating via video, you need to make eye contact and speak clearly.

4. Keep It Simple.
Lastly, keep it simple. Video interviews for highly technical positions can be challenging for both the interviewer and the candidate. The exchange of information and ideas via video can often be difficult if you’re not in a face-to-face setting the key to acing the video interview is to optimize your interview space for maximum focus and prepare yourself to deliver thoughtful, concise responses. Be authentic and let your interviewer see your personality. Give them an accurate depiction of personality and skill set so they get a good feel for what kind of fit you would be, even over video. Be yourself and answer the questions as simply and as effectively as you can.

In Summary
Interviewing – whether in person or via video – can be a stressful experience! If you have a video interview coming up, I hope you’ll take these bits of advice as you prepare. Like any interview experience, you want to be able to portray yourself in the most positive light as possible. This means you need to come across neat, polished, well prepared and focused. Using these tips will help you take your video interview skills to the next level and hopefully land that job you’ve wanted!