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Our formula for your success is simple:
Great benefits = Great contractors

At The Hiring Group, we’ve cracked the code for contractor retention, and it’s surprisingly simple: great benefits. This could be one of the smartest business investments an employer can make. Read on to see how our formula can work for you.

Top-of-the-line Benefits

It’s not exactly rocket science. Benefits speak volumes. We hire and retain the best candidates by providing excellent incentives.


401K with company match

Paid Time Off

2 weeks starting PTO

Medical Benefits

Gold, Silver, Bronze level options


People-First Values

Staying power:
It’s all about retention.

Benefits translate to retention, and retention is key for these positions that are critical to your business and key for the contractors who perform them. Contractors know this and so do smart employers. A win/win for everyone!

Our Services

The skills to keep you moving forward.

Some say, “The only thing you can count on is change.” We say, “Bring it on!” We’ll help you stay on track, up and running on time with quick solutions.

Contract Staffing

Manage, optimize, and control the employment costs of your technical workforce.


Avoid costly hiring mistakes and ensure candidates are an ideal cultural fit.

Direct Placement

Attract top-tier active candidates and discover passive candidates that most accurately meet your requirements.

Payroll Services

Simplify and lower risk tied to payroll, W-2, and benefits management leveraging our payroll service management.

24/7 Contractor Support

Round-the-clock answers and services to keep contractors satisfied and productive.

Relationship Managers

Focused on the continuing needs of contractors.

IT Pays to Care

Nice people finish first.

At The Hiring Group, we follow a golden rule: always do the right thing. That’s why we give our best to the contractors we recruit and only hire the right people for our clients, whether they need IT staffing, engineering staffing, or professional staffing. The result?
The success speaks for itself.

94% retention rate

The industry average is less than 50%.

Innovative industry experts

We know what makes professionals in the IT, engineering, & other sectors tick.

National recognition three years running

Recently named for the third straight year to the 2020 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

Happy Contractors



IT and Engineering Experts

We get it: The unique culture and needs of IT and engineers.

Our expertise in recruiting the following key areas enables our recruiters to qualify and hire with precision and focus.


Areas of focus include:

  • Engineering
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Advanced Analytics

Professional Specialists

Professional staffing services for HR, marketing, & more.

With our extensive experience and industry contacts, we’re well-equipped to hire professional experts in a variety of sectors.

Our professional staffing areas of focus include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Administrative


Their stories are our stories

Sure, we could shout about ourselves all day long, but it really comes down to what our clients and contractors have to say about our work that matters. They have a few stories and thoughts to share.

Stephani E.

Putting your trust in a contracting company can be unsettling, but I gave THG a shot. I’m so glad I did! Not only do they provide me with insurance and a 401K plan, but they really make you feel like part of a family!

Maureen G.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. The owners care not only about our customers but they make sure our professional technical consultants are taken care of with excellent benefits and paid time off.

Derrick D.

THG really believes in taking care of the contractor and doing right by their people. They really do embody their mantra of paying it forward! I strongly recommend THG to all my IT and Engineering colleagues!

Beth P.

THG found me a position that both utilizes my experience and provides me an opportunity to expand my IT knowledge – all while working with an amazing group of people.

Anant C.

What I appreciate about The Hiring Group is that not only do they make sure that their employees are satisfied with their work, but they also go the extra mile by treating potential candidates well by providing honest feedback.


I appreciate a low key, calm approach. It helps foster a more relaxed demeanor which in turn makes it easy to concentrate. Lunch and coffee are nice extras. And oh, I forgot, the paycheck really helps.


I have enjoyed working with THG and I will tell you that THG is a great company to work with. It shows that they care about their employees. I have always told everyone how great it is to work with a company that really attempts to be there for you at any time. I will continue to tell those people that are looking for a position somewhere to talk to THG since so many people are looking for not just a job but a career opportunity.

Alex G.

THG has always promptly responded to any requests I may have. They have allowed me to be very open about how I may feel about positions I have been placed in and my career path.

Marcelo M.

The professional development depends solely on the dedication of the person. That means worrying about continuous education, exposure to challenges and immersion on the industry. But none of it is achievable if one doesn’t have an accurate and reliable company to give the necessary support. That is what The Hiring Group is about. It’s about providing a reliable and trustworthy environment so we professionals can focus on what is more important: getting the work done.

Rob A.

This is the only the second contract agency I’ve ever worked for. My first experience was so bad that I said I would never do it again. THG has done a great job of changing that opinion. They keep in touch with the contractors and are genuinely concerned with their wellbeing. I really appreciate the effort that Bryan Baker puts in to taking care of us. As my main contact, he’s always quick to get me an answer to my question and help out.

Robert R.

I had a very positive experience with THG. They found my profile on LinkedIn and contacted me about an opportunity with a great company. Throughout the process they responded to messages promptly, had answers to my questions, and were very helpful. Everything went smoothly, and since I started, I have heard from others familiar with them that they are a great company who treats their contractors very well.

Mauro M.

Working with a company like The Hiring Group has been excellent. They have your back, giving you the respect you deserve, and treating you like a family. THG brings me peace of mind and lets me get to what is important: the work!

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