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August 10, 2018
Amy Shipman

Account Manager

Hiring Managers: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Staffing Partner Relationships

Being a hiring manager in today’s competitive job market is challenging. If you’re hiring, you want to find the best candidates with the right skill set and who are the ideal cultural fit. On top of these requirements, you want to make the hiring process as efficient and productive as possible. As an account manager for The Hiring Group, my goal for every client is to build a partnership that supports you in hiring the right people to help you meet your business goals and objectives.

When we’re working with a new client, hiring managers often ask me what they can do to make the most of the hiring process. I’ve compiled a list of recommendations and best practices to help you and your organization optimize your staffing partner relationships to achieve the results you want.

1. Questions are a good thing!
If you’re working with me on a new job requisition, expect to get a lot of questions. I want to get as much information from you about the job as possible. Investing the time up front to gather as much information about the role, the responsibilities and the day-to-day activities will help The Hiring Group team build a proper candidate search strategy to find and recruit with precision and focus. This helps our recruiters paint an accurate picture of the role to the candidates, so they are informed and knowledgeable about the job requirements and responsibilities. The more information you provide from the beginning, the better equipped our team will be to find candidates that are the most qualified for the job.

2. Setting expectations for everyone is critical.
When you’re working with The Hiring Group, we are hyper-focused on establishing proper expectations across the board. We understand that, as a hiring manager, your job entails more than just interviewing and hiring people. You also have your day-to-day activities you’re responsible for completing. Our team wants to create a seamless, transparent hiring process for you and your candidates. Setting expectations for feedback and timelines is essential to making sure the hiring process is efficient and yields the strongest candidates.

3. We want to be your trusted partner.
Given the highly competitive nature of the job market for IT and engineering roles, we want to make sure you are aware of the most current and accurate trends. The Hiring Group’s team is stacked with a roster of technical recruiters who have 15+ years of experience and have deep knowledge of the technical job markets across the U.S. Knowing the urgency in the market and sharing that information with hiring managers sets the stage for success. Our team will be your trusted business advisor to help you recruit and hire the most qualified candidates.

4. Go beyond just checking the boxes on skills and experience.
Hiring the right candidate is not just based on determining whether the candidate has the correct skill set and experience. Sure, having the right qualifications is important, but so are the “soft skills.” The hiring managers we work with want employees who are a cultural fit as well – that means someone who works well within the context of the team. We work with our clients to capture the desired candidate qualities to ensure The Hiring Group’s recruiters are screening candidates who possess the strongest traits that align to the hiring manager’s expectations.

5. Good goes around.
Being a frontline ambassador for our clients, your satisfaction with the services and solutions we provide is my top priority. Our recruiting and account management teams work tirelessly to create an infrastructure to drive client satisfaction across the entire hiring lifecycle. Transparency and communication are critical to stay on top of the relationship. With each position we hire, our goal is to delight our clients and continue to build tight relationships. Our business thrives on our clients recommending The Hiring Group to other hiring managers within their organization and in their professional networks. We appreciate your help in introducing us to other hiring managers along the way.

In Summary
A hiring manager’s job in the current job market is no easy task. Given the tight current market conditions, your hiring process must be efficient and laser-focused. Having the right staffing partner can help you streamline and optimize your hiring processes so you achieve the business goals you’ve set. Taking into consideration these recommendations and best practices can help you better understand how to rely on your staffing partner. Using the right staffing partner is important, but you need to work with one that has the domain expertise and has a proven, results-driven approach to be successful. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Hiring Group to get more information about our staffing and recruiting solutions at