A technical staffing company that seeks to please

How We Work

The Hiring Group understands relationships are the true key to successfully supporting our clients and Technical Professionals. We are a high touch technical staffing firm who puts a lot of energy into learning and understanding the needs of both. Our goal is to become your preferred technical staffing company. Below are some specific things you can expect when working with us:


Technical Professionals

  • Experienced Account Manager –

    Average tenure of 12 years in the technical staffing industry. Industries served include Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Federal and State Government, IT, Government Integrator, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Education.

    Relationship Managers –

    Our business is all about relationships, and having someone who looks out for your best interests in every interaction is amazing. Not a Recruiter, not an Account Manager, but someone whose sole purpose is to make sure you, as our technical professional, are taken care of and happy throughout your employment with us. The Hiring Group invests in Relationship Managers, another role you will not find with our competitors, who do all that and more.

  • Technology Utilization –

    We work in IT and have invested heavily in our own use of technology to streamline and improve the recruiting and back office process. Gone are the days of incorrect invoices, billing issues, timekeeping reconciliation, and communication gaps with Procurement and internal Recruiting. Our system is designed from the ground up as a fully integrated and redundant staffing ERP with a customized Client Web Portal. This Portal will give you access to Invoicing, Requisition and Candidate management, Consultant Timekeeping, and communication with your The Hiring Group team.

    Consistent Feedback and Follow-Up –

    This is pretty straightforward, but unfortunately we know how rare it is in our industry. It shouldn’t be. With The Hiring Group, you will experience a level of communication and follow-up that is second to none. We want to make sure you feel how important you are to us.

  • Hands on Approach –

    Client meetings, lunches, and team breakfasts are just a few of the ways we get to know your company culture and truly identify the “greatness” that we can share with prospective candidates. We are proud of our track record of ingraining ourselves into this culture and understanding your projects, business processes, methodologies, budgeting challenges, and even your internal acronyms. Ultimately our goal is to understand your business so well, that we are seen as an internal resource. We learn to speak YOUR language.

    Opportunity –

    At the end of the day this is why you are here. You will know when working with The Hiring Group, the positions we offer are fully vetted and funded. We maintain strong relationships with the client on the back end which ensures a smooth and successful engagement.

  • Screening Process –

    Together, our Recruiting and Account Management teams phone screen, in-person interview, technically screen, and reference anywhere between 20 and 100 potentials for your opportunity. Our goal is to find you the top 1-2 candidates the market has to offer who meet both your technical and cultural fit. It is a ton of work, but it is the only way to make sure you truly get the most talented individuals for your team.

    Benefits –

    You deserve GREAT medical benefits. The Hiring Group provides GREAT medical benefits and we pay 50% of the employee cost! We also provide a week of paid time off on all 6 month plus contracts… no negotiation necessary.

  • Make it Right –

    At the core of our culture is a desire to empower our teams and give them the autonomy to make on the spot decisions when any issue arises. No red tape, no “let me see what my manager says”; just smart business decisions with an I will make it right attitude.

  • 24/7 Availability and Responsiveness –

    Your business challenges do not stop at night or on the weekends, so neither do we.